The Marvels of Subaru Engineering

We all know that Subaru vehicles feel different from the rest, but have you ever wondered why? The engineers over at Subaru put a lot of work into making Subaru vehicles the best on the road. Subaru engineering is some of the finest in the world, and each Subaru vehicle is full of special Subaru touches that make it a joy to drive.

The all-wheel drive that comes standard on every Subaru (except for the Subaru BRZ) is one of Subaru's ways to give the best possible performance. All-wheel drive delivers the engine's power to all four wheels, and it can redistribute power as needed. If the vehicle detects that a wheel is spinning in place (such as on water or ice), it automatically sends that wheel's power to the other wheels. This is what helps a Subaru handle so well on all kinds of terrain, and what helps them take corners so well.

It is true that AWD decreases a vehicle's fuel efficiency. It is heavier than rear or front-wheel drive, and that puts more strain on the motor. However, Subaru counteracts this with their Continuous Variable Transmission. While most vehicles have a standard set of gears, a CVT system has two hydraulically adjustable pulleys connected by a chain. The engine moves the pulleys closer or farther apart to simulate the best gear for any condition. This not only improves engine performance, but it even increases fuel efficiency.

Subaru vehicles are some of the best on the road, and the Subaru engineering team is the reason why. We can't wait to see what they think of next.

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