Subaru Safety

Car safety has come a long way since the invention of the automobile. Where early cars didn't even have seatbelts, nowadays we design cars to be as safe as possible. Subaru designs their vehicles to be not only safe in the case of a collision, but to help prevent collisions from ever occurring.

The most noteworthy of Subaru's safety features is Subaru EyeSight. Subaru EyeSight gives you an extra pair of eyes on the road, and makes the already safe Subaru vehicle even safer. Subaru EyeSight monitors the road ahead, and uses that to help out with various aspects of driving. It can help you maintain an adaptive cruise control, making sure you always stay a certain distance from the car ahead of you, regardless of any increase or decrease in their speed. It can warn you if you start to drift from your lane, such as during inattentive or drowsy driving. It can even prep the brakes if you get too close to something, helping cut down reaction time for braking and reducing the impact of a potential accident. Subaru EyeSight helps keeps drivers safe, and it's just one of the many safety features Subaru offers.

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