Head Gaskets: What You Need to Look for in Your Subaru Engine

If you own a pre-owned Subaru or if your Subaru has simply begun to reach or surpass the 80,000-miole marker, you may need to bring the vehicle in for head gasket repair. The head gasket is a crucial component of your engine and resembles a stencil of two or more circles as it is meant to be sealed around crucial tubing of your engine. Without the head gaskets to seal off the engine, your Subaru would leak oil, coolant, and other engine fluids excessively. However, as with other Subaru components, the head gasket may break down over time, so if your Subaru has reached or surpassed 80,000 miles, bring it in for service at our on-site service center here at North Reading Subaru in North Reading, MA.

Pop the Hood to Check for Signs

One of the most clear and present signs of head gasket deterioration is the leaking of oil or other fluids from the bottom of the car. However, if this is not present but you are still unsure, simply pop the hood and check for signs of early-stage oil leaking around bolt fasteners and other parts of the engine. You may see fresh oil start to collect around these areas as water might collect around the mouth of a water bottle with a faulty lid. This is referred to as "weeping," and while the oil may not be leaking in large quantities, this may be a sign that your Subaru model needs head gasket repair. Aside from weeping and leaking, the biggest sign is in engine overheating when it should not, which means the engine must be repaired immediately to prevent further damage. Once you bring it in, our technicians will get straight to work replacing these head gaskets and addressing any other maintenance which might be required for your Subaru so that we can get you back on the road and worry-free until the next time your Subaru is up for routine maintenance.

Schedule an Appointment in North Reading

The head gasket is one of the most crucial components to any non-turbo Subaru engine, so if your Subaru has reached a certain point in its lifespan, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment to confirm the engine is in exemplary shape. You can schedule an appointment through our service center online and come see us here at North Reading Subaru at 260 Main Street in North Reading, PA!

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