As you take on the daily commute ahead in Massachusetts, you may notice something off about the air conditioning in your Subaru. You may smell a musty odor emanating from the vents or you may find that it does not blow cool air as sufficiently as it sued to. Like any party on your Subaru, an air conditioning and its parts require repairs every so often to ensure that they continue to function properly; this is a more common problem among older models and in instances where the A/C is used more frequently during the winter. If you think or know something is amiss with the A/C system in your Subaru, do not wait, bring it in to our on-location service center for immediate A/C repair here at North Reading Subaru in North Reading, MA!

Essential Parts for an Essential System

The air conditioning not only services to keep you cool on a hot summer day, it also plays an integral part in controlling the airflow into the Subaru. Your A/C acts as a dehumidifier and removes excess moisture from the air while the air filters in your Subaru help to regulate air flow and remove harmful particulates which may enter the vehicle. When your A/C system begins to break down and requires repair, it may manifest itself to you through strange noises, different odors, and restricted flow of cool air into the car. When this happens, it could simply be a sign that the air filters in your Subaru must be changed out or it could be a sign of more serios damage to the air conditioning system. In any case, if these problems present themselves, you should schedule a service appointment for confirmation and immediate repairs. Your Subaru will be in good hands thanks to our factory-trained mechanics and you can rest-assured that the genuine Subaru parts they use in their repairs are the most compatible with your new or used Subaru.

Come See us Today!

Your Subaru A/C is an essential component of the vehicle, both for your comfort and your safety. If yours needs repair, bring your car in to our North Reading, MA service department and have it looked at by our skilled Subaru technicians! You can schedule an appointment and come see us here on Main Street in North Reading, see you soon!

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