Subaru Motorsports Wastes Less by Partnering with Terracycle

Subaru rally events bring in lots of people from surrounding cities and where there are lots of people there tends to be a good amount of trash and not necessarily easy-to-recycle trash. Trash like disposable cups, lids, straws, and snack bags or wrappers that typically aren’t recyclable are being turned into park benches and picnic tables thanks to Subaru and their initiative to partner with TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes. ™

For fans that cannot attend any of the Subaru Motorsport events and want to be apart of this positive environment imitative are encouraged to collect any of these waste streams at home or in the office and bring them to one of the 588 participating Subaru retailers across the nation.

Not only does Subaru want to collect hard-to-recycle items at their rally events, but Vermont SportsCar will also add Zero Waste Boxes™ to their main facility to continuously push toward greater sustainability. Subaru, TerraCycle, and Vermont SportsCar are working to find more ways to recycle automotive consumables like windshield wiper blades and air filters.

At the new facility, Subaru is installing rooftop solar panels in an attempt to get the business to near-zero net energy usage. Subaru does their best to keep their energy waste low by recycling most of the waste produced by building and running competition vehicles like scrap metal, tires, and fluids like oil and coolant.

The Subaru Loves the Earth initiative works towards making our everyday lives more sustainable to protect the earth for future generations to enjoy. Motorsports manager for Subaru of America comments on integrating motorsports activities into the Subaru Loves the Earth initiatives saying that “rally events take place in some of our nation’s most beautiful natural areas, so it’s important that we keep environmental stewardship in mind even as we’re racing to win.” Making all parts of Subaru activities sustainable is imperative to protecting our earth, especially since we only have one.

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