Preserve your Vehicle’s Appearance with North Reading Subaru’s Armor All® Coverage

Presenting the SmartShield™ Warranty Program Serving Boston, MA

While traditional manufacturer warranty coverage extends to essential parts and systems in your vehicle, surface area protection for both the exterior and interior may go overlooked. To maintain the sharp style and comforting feel of your Subaru, our team at North Reading Subaru offers renowned SmartShield™ Warranty Program coverage, provided by Armor All®!

Learn more about this product, its chemistry background, what it covers and how you can place an order with a detailed introduction to this program in North Reading, MA.

The Quality of Armor All® Products

SmartShield™ warranty plans, along with other Armor All® products, are engineered for precision coverage of your vehicle. These purchase options are reserved for select dealerships such as North Reading Subaru, backing your vehicle with a rare form of protection not available to the public. Masterful chemistry leads to lasting results for an investment you find reassuring. And whenever you need to schedule a SmartShield™ warranty-covered repair, we will provide a rental car for up to 10 days and $50 per day while your vehicle is in our shop!

Exterior Paint – Damage Covered

Exterior Paint – Damage Covered

The following damages are covered under the SmartShield™ Warranty Program featured here in North Reading:

  • Acid rain
  • Tree sap
  • Bird droppings & insects
  • Fuel stains
  • Sand abrasion
  • Spray paint (including vandalism)
  • Paint over spray (from roadways)
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Oxidation
  • Road de-icing materials
  • Hard water spots
  • Much more

Interior Fabric & Leather – Damage Covered

Interior Fabric & Leather – Damage Covered

Damage to upholstery and cabin areas – including leather seats, door trim, floor mats, carpeting and cargo storage space – is covered under through the SmartShield™ Warranty Program as follows:

  • Food & beverage spills
  • Mess from kids & pets
  • Dye transfer (caused by jeans)
  • Chewing gum & make-up
  • Crayons & ink
  • Much more

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