Subaru continues to deliver on a safety-first design philosophy with its engaging lineup of cars and SUVs. The 2021 Subaru model lineup includes a selection of sporty, performance-oriented vehicles and more practical choices. That breadth of options means that regardless of what kind of car or SUV you want, you can find a new Subaru vehicle that will fit into that picture. This post will discuss the latest Subaru models you should know about before buying a new car in 2021.

What Will You Find in the 2021 Subaru Car Lineup?

The Impreza serves as the smallest car that Subaru sells. The sleek Subaru Impreza offers some distinctive advantages for a compact car. First, it features standard all-wheel drive, a rarity for the class. The Subaru car has tight, responsive handling that gives it a sporty feel behind the wheel, and it has a roomy interior compared to other vehicles in the compact class. It still gets good gas mileage, too, so you will not lose out on practicality for fun. If you'd like a larger car, check out the midsize Subaru Legacy. The 2021 Legacy also has an expansive interior with comfortable seating, and we believe that its upgraded, turbocharged engine makes driving around Boston fun. If you really want to lean into the performance concept, the 2021 Subaru BRZ and Subaru WRX sports cars have you covered.

What Does the 2021 Subaru SUV Lineup Have to Offer North Reading Drivers?

Subaru features a variety of SUVs for Belmont drivers, as well. Its selection starts with the subcompact Subaru Crosstrek. As is standard with Subaru, you get a spacious interior cabin with tech features and good handling. The 2021 Crosstrek from Subaru also has all-wheel drive as a standard feature. If you need more room, the 2021 Forester offers a similar design as the Crosstrek, but one size up in the compact SUV category. The midsize Subaru Ascent serves as the largest SUV in the brand's lineup. By now, the design behind the new Subaru models offers a clear view of the beloved auto brand's personality-- a balance of the interior room and fun performance gives each vehicle some playfulness. For something a little different for your Lawrence excursions, Subaru also makes a wagon called the Outback. Wagons continue to serve Medford drivers well, offering the space of an SUV and the off-roading ability, performance, and luxury of premium models. The 2021 Outback from Subaru reflects these traits for local drivers.

Why Should You Choose Subaru?

Subaru packs a lot of advanced safety tech into its vehicles to make sure that you feel comfortable driving them alone or with your family. Each new Subaru model delivers a generous interior and tight handling so that you can enjoy every drive around North Reading. The Subaru value proposition remains hard to match, especially in the larger SUV models and the brand's iconic Outback wagon. Subaru offers enough diversity in its 2021 lineup to satisfy a variety of drivers, and we invite you to explore the new cars and SUVs in our Subaru inventory.

Here at North Reading Subaru, we know that you like to get to the bottom line. Our Subaru sales team understands that while many of these models might sound good on paper, setting up a test drive still serves as the best way to figure out which model comes the closest to your dream car or SUV specifications. You will get the chance to take it on the road, feel out the handling and the power, try out the tech interface and the seating, and look at the interior area of your favorite Subaru cars. We can help you decide about trims, options, and other configuration elements to work out the best deal for you. Contact our North Reading Subaru sales specialists today!

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