Clutch Replacements at North Reading Subaru

If you drive a Subaru vehicle with a manual transmission around the North Reading, MA and Boston areas, you know how fun and enjoyable it can be to command such control. But as your vehicle gets older, you'll notice that the clutch isn't going to always feel like it once did. The clutch is the most important component of your manual transmission, controlling all starts, stops and shifts, which is why it's so important that you properly address its needs. If your clutch is starting to show signs of overheating, slipping or is contaminated and you need your clutch repaired or replaced in the greater Belmont, MA and Medford, MA area, we invite you to join us at North Reading Subaru for a fast and professional Subaru clutch replacement today!

How Do I Know My Clutch Needs to Be Replaced?

  • Noticeable Change in Clutch's Action: Hopefully you'll know how your clutch performs, making it easier to diagnose a problem. This could be a change in engine speed, a pause before acceleration, a difference in clutch height, and more.
  • Burning Smell: While a burning smell doesn't necessarily mean a clutch problem, it could be related and it's important to check out as it could be a sign of a slipping clutch.
  • Disengages Too Easily: Your clutch should give you an inch or two of movement before the clutch starts to disengage. If it disengages sooner, it's not working properly.
  • Check Clutch Fluid: Check the clutch fluid to ensure that that's not the root of the problem. If it's low, refill it using the suggested clutch fluid in your owner's manual.

Schedule a Service Appointment Online

Whether your clutch just needs some repairing or it needs to be replaced, it's important that you have all issues taken care of as soon as possible so that you don't damage the rest of your vehicle. If you need a clutch repair or replacement in the greater Boston, Medford, MA or North Reading area, we invite you to schedule a service appointment online at North Reading Subaru today!

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